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Phone a Doctor - phoneanmd.com
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Phone a Doctor - phoneanmd.com
Phone a Doctor - phoneanmd.com


Call us at 905-770-7143

Phone a Doctor - phoneanmd.com



Phone a Doctor - phoneanmd.com


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  • Doctor’s notes

  • Prescription Refills

  • Test Requisitions

  • Explain Test Results

  • Answer any medical questions you may have

  • Speak to you about your medical condition

  • Counselling

Our services are covered by OHIP.

If you do not have OHIP, the fee is $40, payable prior to the phone visit.  A receipt can be provided upon request should you need to file a claim with your private insurance company.

Ontario-residents only.  We can only provide service to Patients who are physically in Ontario at the time of the phone call.

You will receive a call from an Ontario Family Physician; an MD.

Once per day.  The appointments can be up to 20 minutes long.

No.  Just call in, give the receptionist your information, and she will put you in queue.

Yes, but there may be an additional fee.  The Doctor must see the forms before we can quote you.

The Email system is only meant for booking appointments (via our secretaries) and sending documents/results. It is not meant for consultation and is not reviewed by our doctor. Please request an appointment to discuss any concerns or results you have.

Our Schedule

Sun: 10am to 6pm
Mon: 10am to 8pm
Tue: 10am to 8pm
Wed: 10am to 8pm

What people say?

“My doctor was on vacation and saw the reviews so I saw him today. He is super nice and really easy to talk to. Great experience he is going to be my back up now when my family doctor is away.” – Oct 30, 2019 (source)

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“Dr. Sheth is an amazing doctor! Super patient, very clear and easy to understand and extremely empathetic. I personally have found him to routinely go above and beyond in so many ways.
In addition, his philosophy appears to be to treat any ailment as naturally and holistically as possible which is a huge bonus.” – January 2020

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“… he listens carefully when I was giving my history, taking notes and prompting for any clarification. Once he took the history he followed it with a very thorough physical exam, and explaining his observations. He has extremely positive, helpful and caring attitude. His staff is also phenomenal and very attentive. This is an exceptional team.” – June 18, 2019 (source)

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“Great Doctor. I like that he doesnt rush to behind the counter meds and tries more natural and and over the counter stuff first if possible. He will also take the time to listen even as a walk in patient.” – September 2019

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“I am really worried about coronavirus! Dr. Ricky was there to help me on the phone. So lucky because I don’t want to go out! Thank you for being there for me!” – March 18, 2020 (source)

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“Thank you for Dr. Ricky who works on Sunday to help people who needed weekend service. He also not rush and willing to listen and explain thing well.” – November 2019

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“Just a great doctor. When on one else would help or believe me.., he believed in me, listened to me and actually helped me. I like that he is also open to alternative medicine and alternative approaches, not just DRUGS DRUGS all the time!! The secretaries is good too.” – November 27, 2019 (source)

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Tel: 905-770-7143
Email: info@drsheth.ca
Phone a Doctor - phoneanmd.com